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Save money by cutting the cord!

If you are trying to find ways to cut your budget to purchase a new home, one of the first places to start is by cutting the cord. You will be amazed how easy it can be, and I personally have found that I ended up with even more content at a fraction of the cost. I was previously with a major satellite company and had a whole home DVR and was afraid I had to give that up.

The first thing we did was find out what stations we could receive where we live. We live in a small town and all major network towers were at least 50 miles away. One good place to check is Antennas Direct Tv Transmitter locator

I ended installing two antennas in my attic and was able to receive about 60 channels (some duplicates). This was wonderful and in HD. I ordered a Tivo Bolt for my DVR and added the Tivo Mini to the bedroom to extend the capability to watch everything on the Bolt from the other TV. Keep in mind this will cost $14.99 per month. I ended up buying for my husband's TV, the Channel Master DVR, which has a free subscription.

Now on to the Streaming Services:

At the time of this post there are 3 major streaming services out there. Sling TV starting at $20 per month, Playstation Vue, starting at $29.99 and Direct TV Now with an introductory price of $35 per month, (I personally do not recommend Directv Now). We loved Sling TV, but it was missing the DVR in the cloud service. Now we are using Playstation Vue because they offer more channels, more users at a time and DVR in the cloud for $5 more than sling. We also tried Direct TV now and it was a disaster, always freezing and on demand programs were very limited, and as with their satellite service, it is just a teaser price.

Next the the Streaming Devices:

The Channel Master DVR has Sling TV built in, making it easier to use, but you can not record from Sling.

I use my Apple TV 4th gen to view the Playstation Vue and never any issues.

I have tried Roku Express and Roku Premier, but both devices would say (loading, please wait) constantly while watching.

I just purchased the Amazon Fire TV and we have no issues and it works flawlessly. I like this device even a bit more than my Apple TVs because of their remote, and I can't believe I am saying this since I am the biggest Apple fan out there.

So, anyway, give it a try. All the services offer a 7 day trial and none of them require a contract. We are loving it and saving around $100 per month.

One more note:

If you belong to Amazon Prime, you will be able to watch thousands of shows and movies for free and music is also included. All the devices including Tivo Bolt have Amazon Video, except for one and that is the AppleTV.

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